Advantages of Automating your Time and Attendance System

Time and attendance systems are a beneficial way to keep track the hours that employees start and stop work. These systems can be manual or automatic. However, along with many other technological advances that we see in this day and age, there are many more advantages that go along with choosing an automatic time and attendance system as opposed to a manual one. An automated time and attendance system is a way for your institute to save money and eliminate the nuisances of a manual process.

Here are some of the advantages of automating your time and attendance system:

Less room for error

Automated systems reduce the risk of error it also eliminates any discrepancies that an employee could potentially have with their hours. One misplaced digit with manual time and attendance can throw off everything and create issues with payroll. Time and Attendance software has been shown to have an accuracy rate of more than 99% versus manual systems by eliminating errors in data entry and calculations. Instead of having a somewhat accurate manual time sheet, with an automated system you’re time and attendance will have little to no errors every time.

No buddy punching or other time theft

Time theft is when an employee is clocked in as working but is not actually there. This can happen if the employee takes a longer lunch than usual or has a friend clock them in when they are running late. The American Payroll Association estimates that over 75% of businesses lose money from buddy punching. Whether it is intended or not time theft can be costly. Automated systems prevent this because they utilize biometric devices, therefore, the only person an employee can clock in as is themselves.

Increase productivity

There is no longer need to organize and process the paperwork that you would have had to with a manual time and attendance system. Manually collecting, managing, calculating and processing time data to process payroll can take a lot of time, having an automated system eliminates paperwork but with an automated time and attendance solution, companies are able to increase efficiency.

Save money

There is no need to replenish any materials needed to maintain a manual system such as paper, pens/pencils, printer ink and toner. You are also saving on labor because with the biometric device employees can’t clock in for one another. Thus reducing costs and saving you money.

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