Checklist for Choosing a Payroll Service Provider

As a small business owner, you have probably thought about choosing a third party candidate to help you manage your payroll. You probably think, that with the revenue you are making, having a third party payroll service company to provide you the payroll service you need to organize your payrolls would be a great idea. That way you can focus more of your efforts to just grow your business, and do what you love. Well, if you’ve got the money, and you want to invest it into a payroll service company to help you save time and money, then why not? It will not only save you time and money, but it will help to prominently discontinue man-made errors made on payrolls by your or by your own in-house accountant’s negligence. Professional Long Island payroll service companies will make sure that there will be no costly mistakes happening on your payrolls.

Long Island Payroll Service Checklist


Ways to go about taking care of your payrolls include becoming more technical and digital. Becoming more technical and digital will help you, as a business owner, to understand how to make quick checkups on your payroll service status, etc. Technologies offered by Long Island payroll service companies can help organize your time, and make your time more efficient, and it will become less costly when you become adequate in the technologies offered by the payroll service companies.

Long Island payroll service providers will also provider you not only technologies just to help you out with your payrolls. But they can also provide your company with the necessary technological tools to help you even manage your HR, 401 (k), and employee benefits as well.

The more experiences your Long Island payroll service company is with their technologies, the more efficient your money will be spent with them. Not only can these technologically sound payroll companies help finish your work, in a more efficient and digital way, they can also work as technology consultants when you, yourself as the business owner, is having difficulties using the tools as well.


Experience is really key to hiring any payroll service company. The more experience they have, and the more fruitful they are with training their clients and their employees, the more secure your investments will be with your new Long Island payroll service company.

Filing for business taxes and payroll adjustments can be tricky, that’s why having experienced accountants, who understand the ropes of their business will be the most efficient and less time consuming investment when hiring a Long Island payroll service company.

Easy Access to Their Specialists

Being able to communicate with your payroll service company is also essential to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck, when investing into a third party payroll service company. When you have questions about payroll, or any generic question (such as customizing your payroll, or to have them take a more in-depth look into your business) relating to their field, being able to contact their specialists is a convenient offer. Staying in touch with your

Info to Provide to your Long Island Payroll Service Company

When setting up with a payroll service provider, they will probably ask you to inform them on a few things. Make sure you have this information ready for them.

They will probably ask you for information regarding:

  1. Company Bank Account – for electronic tax payments or direct deposit
  2. Compensation and Benefits – Types of employee benefits, compensations, or other types of additions or deductions
  3. Employees – pay rate, sick/vacation hours balance, hire and termination dates
  4. Tax Information – Filing requirements, deposit schedule for payroll taxes, other tax information (EFTPS, FEIN).
  5. Prior Payrolls – Summary by employee and total employees, payroll details from paychecks
  6. Liability Information – for current quarter, prior quarter

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