Online Payroll Reporting Services New York City

Access Your Payroll Reports Online

Nazpay Online Reports makes all your payroll reports available on the Internet – free of charge. You receive everything you would get in your regular payroll package, and more:
  • Employee earnings records
  • Cash requirements and deposits
  • Payroll journals
  • Department summaries
  • Quarterly and annual state tax returns
  • Replacement employee W-2s
  • Employer W-3s
You may even continue to receive printed payroll reports while maintaining access to reports online. Plus, your payroll call schedule remains the same, and your negotiable checks are still printed and delivered in the usual manner.

Nazpay online Report Service, Paperless, Secure, Easy.

Add convenience and flexibility to your payroll schedule by receiving payroll reports over the Internet. Download recent reports with the click of a button, choose historical information to study, or customize and review a package to suit your special needs.

Paperless Payroll Reports

File payroll journals, department summaries, and all other reports electronically, and cut down on paper storage. Plus, you can access up to four years of payroll information at a time that’s convenient for you. If you want to continue to receive printed payroll reports, but still have access to your reports online, a nominal fee will apply for the online reports.

Free Access for Accounting Professionals

There is no need to forward your reports to a third party. You can provide your accountant, bookkeeper, or financial advisor direct access to your online data free of charge. With your consent, accounting professionals can access your reports via our Internet Report Service even if you don’t subscribe to the service.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate delivery charges with 100% employee participation in direct deposit. All employee wages go directly into the bank and all pay stubs go directly to your online account to be printed at your convenience. Now you’re free from check signing and other tedious tasks on payday.

It’s Secure

We built our Web site with your safety in mind. Nazpay is committed to providing a secure environment that protects the integrity of confidential information. Our stringent authentication process and secure environment make accessing your reports via the Internet safe and easy. Plus, if you use any of our other Internet products, you may access all of our online services with the same confidence while conveniently viewing all Nazpay messages from one central location.

Getting Started is Simple

You just need an IBM-compatible computer with Internet access and a Web browser to subscribe to our Internet Report Service. Your payroll call schedule remains the same and your negotiable checks are still printed and delivered in the usual manner. To enroll, contacting your Payroll Specialist allows you to obtain current and historical payroll data via the Internet. It includes payroll journals, department summaries, employee earnings statements, and more. It can greatly reduce payroll delivery costs as well as the amount of paper that must be handled on payday. Nazpay provides you access to this service at no charge with your client’s approval. Click any of the buttons below for more information on the Internet Report Service


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Your solution to Payroll

    Nazpay Reports Online Features:

    • Access data whenever you want – days, nights, or weekends – from any PC with an Internet connection.
    • Most-requested reports are always one click away.
    • Up to four years of payroll history is available.
    • Retrieve data in seconds by choosing one or many employees or selecting a date range.
    • View and print reports for one or more accounts at the same time.
    • View reports online, download them for offline reference, or print them.
    • Access reports online via a secure environment with password and PIN protection.
    • Businesses with 100% direct deposit or PowerCash Visa Card participation can eliminate payroll delivery costs.