New York City Online Payroll Services

Enter, Verify, Release.

Online Payroll Services by Nazpay

24/7 secure payroll at your fingertips. Online payroll services allow users to access accounts from virtually any computer with an Internet connection, at any time of the day! Nazpay Online Payroll service was designed with simplicity in mind. This Internet-based service enables you to complete your payroll in five easy steps:
  • Gather your payroll information.
  • Add or change employee information.
  • Enter payroll dates and select employees.
  • Pay your employees.
  • Verify and release payroll.
Preset information automatically displays so there’s no need to re-key the entire payroll each pay period. Payroll totals are provided to ensure accuracy. You choose which employees you want to pay and whether you want to view them individually or in a spreadsheet format. For your convenience, you can add a new employee or independent contractor, change existing employee information, or even calculate an employee’s net pay to write a manual check. Once you are satisfied with your entries, a mouse click sends your payroll information to Nazpay for processing. For a complete electronic payroll solution, we can even deliver your payroll reports within hours via the Internet, using Nazpay Online Reports.

Convenient & Secure

Because you log onto the online payroll service through a secure Nazpay Web site, your company’s information is protected from unauthorized access. Limit access to one person or authorize several people so that you or selected employees can use the service with different levels of security. Once your security is defined, work on payroll whenever you like — it’s available virtually twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A click on the “save” button enables you to exit and return to the system at a later time to begin working exactly where you left off.

Your solution to Payroll

    What if I have a problem with Online Payroll services?

    Nazpay provides every client a dedicated payroll specialist who can aid and assist you with any problems, whether it be online payroll processing or not. This is the hand on customer service that business owners need, and only a company like Nazpay can offer.

    What are the benefits of using Nazpay for Online Payroll Services?

    Nazpay offers online payroll services that are accessible from any location, with no hassles.
    Our online payroll services include:
    • Control – Our online product gives you complete control 24/7. Nazpay’s preprocess register allows you to check for accuracy every time you enter your payroll.
    • Flexibility – Have the ability to run different date range reports, void checks, create manual checks, etc. from anywhere at any time.
    • Power – Our report writer allows you to generate your own custom reports with any of the data fields in our system (customized fields are also available). In addition, our proprietary Encore product has several electronic time and attendance, and 401K integrations to streamline the payroll process.
    • Simplicity – No other product on the market is as user-friendly. Complete your payroll in as little as three easy steps!
    • Secure Access – Our online payroll services are 100% secure and safe. Each client’s login is unique and password protected on our secure server.
    • Peace of mind – We own our online product, unlike many of our competitors; which means we aren’t controlled by a third party vendor, and we can transform our product as our client’s needs change. Nazpay carries a $2 million payroll tax claim on our Errors and Omission Policy. We use the most advanced technologies available to provide secure, reliable access to your payroll…. anytime, anywhere. Our data center is located in a storm proof facility that was engineered to provide redundancy at every possible point-of-failure. Your data is always protected by secure session that is verified by VeriSign’s Global Site Certificate technology. We use multiple firewalls and intrusion prevention systems that protect data integrity from outside intrusions and virus attacks. We use a combination of online and offline backups in addition to data replication. Our online backup tapes are stored securely offsite. Our data is replicated in real-time to our backup data center to ensure a seamless fail over in the event of a disaster.