Nazpay PowerCash Visa® Card – Best Debit Card For You

It’s a Purchase Card. It’s a Cash Card.

For workers who do not have a bank account, like the convenience of a debit card, or travel on payday, the Nazpay PowerCash Visa Card combines the safety and convenience of direct deposit with a purchase-debit card. Each pay period, an employee’s wages are electronically placed in their personal debit card account. Using their PowerCash Visa Card, they may make purchases at stores, or make withdrawals at ATMs wherever Visa is accepted.

With the Nazpay PowerCash Visa Card, your pay is electronically deposited into your own private account each payday, like normal direct deposit. The PowerCash Visa Card is a plastic debit card (it looks like a credit card). You can use the card to make purchases wherever the Visa symbol is displayed. You may also use the card to get cash at any automated teller machine (ATM) displaying the Plus® or Visa logo. Every transaction is deducted from your PowerCash Visa Card account.

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