Employee Benefits: How to motivate your employees

As an employer there are a variety of ways you can look to make the people working for you happier, more productive, and satisfied with their job. Every person is different however. This makes what motivates each employee different as well, and difficult to figure out. While employee benefits are often a really good way to motivate your employees, there are a variety of different benefits that can be used to motivate your employees.


One example of employee benefits is more money. While the saying goes”money is the root of all evil”, employees will often never turn down a raise. This is the reason most people to show up to work after all. Money is a good motivator because it gives the assurance of good health, the ability to pay the bills, and afford steady transportation. Money provides more than just security though. More money may allow an employee to buy something they have been wanting for a long time, travel somewhere, or follow a hobby. Money also allows for employees to put a solid number on how much they are valued as an employee in number form. A simple raise however may not be enough to make an employee happy, it also may not be affordable by a company’s payroll. There are ways that a company can provide for an employees needs without giving them a raise though. One example of this is providing a company car. A company car provides for the need of steady transportation. A company can also provide improvements in insurance offerings.


Another way employees can be motivated is recognition. Humans naturally have the want to be recognized for their efforts, and this natural drive can be used to motivate employees to produce better work more productively. Recognition however can vary in effect from employee to employee. Some employees will work harder after being recognized in their efforts to maintain the recognition they got. Other employees may take recognition in a different way, let off the gas, and not work as hard. It will typically end up being the former however and recognition is usually a good way to motivate an employee. Recognition then remains a good, free employee benefit any employer can use.

Advancement Opportunities

The ability to rise through the ranks in a company is something many employees strive to do. Advancing up in position is one of the best ways to motivate an employee. Not only does a advancing to a higher position combine the prior two employee benefits with a raise in salary and recognition but it also provides for new opportunities for an employee. A promotion is a great employee benefit to show an employee they are valued by the company.

Health Insurance

Employee benefits that motivate an employee to be more productive can also include health insurance. Health insurance is a great way to make employees more productive because it allows for an employee to not have anxiety about them or their family getting sick and being unable to afford healthcare. An employee will not be very effective if they have anxiety about getting sick or being unable to afford a health emergency.


A happy employee is a productive employee. Employees are all different however, and different benefits may make different employees happier. For any of your employees needs, visit Nazpay.


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