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CPA and Accounting Professionals

As an accounting firm, the most troublesome work to take on is your clients’ payroll. Piles of weekly and periodic changes, updates, and administrative minutiae. The pressing and fiduciary need to stay current with the latest state, federal, and municipal codes and filing dates.In short, a lot of hassle, headaches, hours, and hand-holding. But not a lot of profitable billing.At Nazpay, we specialize in the work you hate to do. And because it’s all we focus on, we do it exceptionally well. Our specialty is payroll. We hire only trained payroll specialists with an average of three-plus years’ experience. We combine their talents with the latest state of the art software to deliver an integrated payroll solution. Our payroll specialists serve a smaller, select group of clients, so they’re more proactive and back up that commitment with a one-hour call-back guarantee. And in the unlikely event that your clients aren’t satisfied with our service after 60 days, we’ll refund all processing fees and give them the reports necessary to convert back to the previous provider for free. Satisfy all of your clients’ payroll needs-and focus on what you do best.With Nazpay supporting your clients’ payroll needs, your clients will be satisfied with a high level of personal service focused on one of their most critical employee satisfaction issues-prompt, reliable payroll service. Let us take the hassle of payroll services off your plate so you can focus on the big picture: growing your business. Deepening your client relationships. Expanding your offerings with higher value accounting services and more profitable client planning.

Nazpay Services for Accounting Professionals:

  • Online reports for your clients’ payroll
  • Non-solicitation agreements

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