After-the-Fact Payroll

Why use Nazpay?

Nazpay provides a cost-effective solution for after-the-fact payroll. This service is exclusively designed for accounting professionals whose clients are at least monthly or quarterly federal tax filers.* While you retain your current client relationships, we process all of your clients’ quarterly and year-end tax returns, and W-2s.

Our After-the-Fact Payroll service is easy — we do all the work. You report the payroll information to Nazpay following the payroll month or quarter. We process the information and generate reports monthly, quarterly, and yearly including 941s, state unemployment returns, 1099s, W-3s, and Form 940. Features of this service include:

  • Notification of tax deposit
  • Elimination of accounting of payroll transactions
  • Signature-ready tax agency forms
  • No need to obtain federal, state, and local tax returns
  • On-demand processing to issue additional checks or corrections
  • Quick and easy update of payroll records through our General Ledger Reporting Service
  • Monthly and quarterly reports are delivered via the Nazpay online Report, unless an alternative delivery method is requested, and quarter-end and annual tax returns are shipped directly to you.
  • An After-the-Fact Payroll Specialist will assist you in signing up and reporting all new client information necessary to get you started. For more information, contact your local Nazpay office.
  • Current Nazpay clients are not eligible for this service.

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