401(k)/Retirement Services

401(k)/Retirement Services

Nazpay makes employer-sponsored retirement plans affordable for even the smallest businesses. Our full spectrum of retirement services provides benefits for both you and your employees. When you become a plan sponsor through Nazpay, we not only handle the administrative tasks but also provide essential tools to help you and your employees meet financial goals for a comfortable retirement. No matter what size your business, our payroll integration makes 401(k) deductions, money transfers, and recordkeeping simple, and provides a seamless flow of information between you, Nazpay and the investment provider.Employer-provided retirement plans, such as a 401(k) plan, can help meet the financial goals of both you and your employees. Nazpay simplifies the paperwork and hassles associated with creating a 401(k) plan and will help design a plan to fit your needs. With Nazpay, employers have the flexibility of many vesting and matching options. Employer contributions are not mandatory and profit-sharing contributions are discretionary. Plus, our strategic alliance with leading investment providers offers you a wide variety of investment options, each offering multiple fund choices.

Benefits of a 401(k) retirement plan include:

  • 401(k) plans can be a key element in attracting and retaining current employees.

  • Plan expenses may be deducted on your company’s corporate tax return.

  • Employers have several options of matching and discretionary year-end contributions.

  • Matching contributions combined with a vesting schedule encourage employee participation and can be an incentive for employees to stay with the company.

  • Contributions are made with pretax dollars so participants’ taxable income is lowered and all plan earnings defer taxation until money is withdrawn.

  • A 401(k) plan with a safe harbor provision, which automatically satisfies certain nondiscrimination testing, can help highly compensated employees maximize their salary deferrals. This provision was established to help encourage participation and ease administration.

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    The Role of Nazpay

    Nazpay handles the paperwork and administration associated with maintaining a 401(k) plan. As your 401(k) plan record-keeper, we do the following:
    • Provide required legal documents, including the corporate resolution, adoption agreement, and Summary
    • Plan Description
    • Prepare the annual federal Form 5500, as well as Forms 1099-R and 945 as required.
    • Provide quarterly management reports and participant statements.
    • Perform quarterly nondiscrimination testing.
    • Perform fund and data transfers to investment providers every pay period
    • Perform daily valuation of all account balances.
    • Provide employer enrollment support.
    • Process participant distributions for qualifying events such as termination, retirement or disability.
    • Model and administrate loans.