Employee Pay Options for Small Businesses

Having a small businesses, or a startup business, there are many risks and rewards to be made. In order to minimize any of your losses in the world of a startup business, entrepreneurs must learn how to manage their cash flow, understand their costs and really get a good estimate of what their “real” revenue Read more about Employee Pay Options for Small Businesses[…]

Payroll Metrics Can, and Will Change…Right?

Payroll metrics can, and it will change. That goes for everything else in life too. Payroll is an important part of businesses and all industries, because without proper pay distributed to employees, you will not be able to obtain and keep them for a very long period of time. Employees are employed to get paid, Read more about Payroll Metrics Can, and Will Change…Right?[…]

How to Effectively Manage Your Payroll

Payroll may seem like a burden, but it’s a necessary burden all businesses need to implement into their business’s structure. Without proper management to manage your payroll process, you’ll find yourself as a business owner, jumping from multiple loops, doing flips and turns trying to correct your business’s payroll mistake. Believe me, messing up with Read more about How to Effectively Manage Your Payroll[…]

Step-by-Step Payroll Process

The ability to implicate proper payroll service for your business, in order to achieve paying your employees their timely paychecks, file your payroll tax, and keep good records that meet regulated compliance are all parts of the payroll process. In this article, I will give you a step-by-step analysis on how you should conduct your Read more about Step-by-Step Payroll Process[…]

Things You May Not Know About Payroll Taxes

Payroll taxes are a vital part to our society here in America. The reason why I say this is because both wage earners and payroll professionals combined contribute through collection, reports, and deposits about 68% of the annual revenue of the U.S. Treasury. That’s a pretty good market up, and a good reason why we Read more about Things You May Not Know About Payroll Taxes[…]